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Promoting Excellence and Nurturing Community Engagement in Our Organization

At our organization, fostering excellence within our company and effectively managing our interdependence with the community are key priorities. We recognize the distinct agendas of public relations and marketing. While marketing focuses on the market, consumers, and demand, public relations is dedicated b to cultivating relationships, reducing conflict, and enhancing cooperation.

To achieve a healthy environment for marketing, we believe in practicing good public relations. However, it is essential to understand that simply providing technical support for marketing is not enough for effective public relations.

Authenticity is our guiding principle. We believe in genuine relationships and the value of sincere actions and communications. Pretending or insincere apologies do not yield positive results. In public relations, the "P" and the "R" stand for performance and recognition, which underscore our commitment to excellence.

Recognizing that marketing and public relations are distinct management functions, we promote their collaboration as equals within our team. By integrating these two functions effectively, we enhance our business processes and strive for greater success.

As you explore our website, you will discover how we are not only dedicated to maintaining excellent standards but also to increasing profit margins for our clients. Our focus extends beyond excellence to ensure sustainable growth and profitability.

In understanding modern media and public relations, we draw inspiration from the life and work of Edward Bernays. Bernays emphasized the impact of media and education on shaping individuals' thoughts and beliefs in "free societies." As public relations practitioners, we believe in our role as social scientists and advisors, educating and persuading the public to accept social goods or concepts.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise, we offer a wide range of advertising and marketing services at Stylzradio. We invite you to reach out to us, so we can collaborate and develop a comprehensive marketing and advertising plan tailored to elevate your business to the next level.

For commercial advertising on Stylzradio, our cost starts at $400 USD or $350 CND per month, with an additional $65 USD or $50 CND for studio time in ad creation.

We also offer attractive ad packages, providing flexibility and cost savings:

3-month package: $1000 USD or $750 CND
6-month package: $2000 USD or $1500 CND
9-month package: $3000 USD or $2500 CND
1-year package: $3800 USD or $3200 CND
Notably, all packages include waived studio time for ad creation, streamlining the process and maximizing your advertising investment.

At our organization, we are committed to excellence, authentic relationships, and innovative marketing strategies that drive success for your business. Let us join forces to achieve your goals and make a positive impact in the market and the community.


Flyer Creation:

Single flyer creation: $75
Multi Flyer (same flyer with different pics changes, etc.): $175
Video Flyer Creation:

Single Video Flyer: $85
Multi Video Flyer (same flyer with different pics changes, etc.): $225
Media Advertising on Stylzradio Platform:

1 week: $75
2 weeks: $125
3 weeks: $200
4 weeks: $250
We offer competitive pricing for our creative services and media advertising packages to ensure maximum exposure and effectiveness for your promotions on our platform. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your specific advertising needs, and we'll be glad to assist you in elevating your marketing campaigns.

Stylzradio takes great pride in serving esteemed clients, including renowned brands such as Pepsi, Bacardi, Heineken, and State Farm, as well as esteemed entities like the City of New York, City of Niagara, City of Toronto, and City of Detroit. We have also been actively involved in numerous community events in and around Toronto, Canada.

As a result of our vast experience and successful collaborations, we stand ready to assist you in fulfilling your marketing and advertising needs. Reach out to us, and let's explore how we can best leverage our expertise to elevate your brand and make a significant impact in your target market. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to partnering with you on your journey to excellence.

Wedding packages begin at $500 please contact for us to work together to make this day Stylzahrific

Corporate Events

Packages begin at $250 depending on size of space and equipment needed, please contact for us to work together to make this day Stylzahrific

Artist Management

Artists and repertoire (A&R). An A&R can be responsible for supporting any and all A&R administrative tasks.. Specific responsibilities of this position often include office duties, helping to scout new bands, artists, and music, as well as attending shows and acting as a liaison between the A&R rep and the record label.

These days, A&R reps may have a variety of roles in the music industry, depending on how their label is run and where they stand in management. Back decades ago, A&R reps were critical to discovering and signing new talent, in large part because there was no real way for people outside the music industry to discover new artists on their own. Now, however, it's obviously not necessary for musicians to rely on a recording contract with a label — artists can record their music and offer it directly to consumers, bypassing record labels entirely.

But that doesn't mean A&R is obsolete. A&R reps still play a major role at record labels, and record labels still play a major role (albeit one diminished from their heyday) in distributing music.

Stylzradio job is to listen to new music and going to. Stylzradio may have the thrill of discovering new acts before anyone else, where we can help shape an artist’s career. Stylzradio plays a ton of new music weekly. 

We encourage you to tune in to Stylzradio and get a chance to always hear new talent from the city near and far.

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